The programme integrates assessment throughout the teaching curriculum. This assessment incorporates the requirements for the Certificate of Satisfactory Completion of Specialist GP Training for the Cork Programme. The criteria include continuous self, peer, and tutor assessment of each learning context: Day-Release, Hospital posts, GP Training Attachment weeks and GP Training years.

Trainees should also be familiar with the elements of the ICGP core curriculum.

Learning and assessment portfolio

For a number of years, all documentation concerning the trainee's learning and assessment is recorded in yearly log books. These logs contain trainee assesssments of the various parts of the teaching programme and assessments of the trainee by programme directing team, hospital teachers and trainers.

The current requirements for a certificate of satisfactory completion of training in Cork require satisfactory performance of all ofthe following:

  • Attachment to training practices (first and second year)
      • Completion of assessment by trainer and trainee (third and fourth year)
      • Case report
  • Attendance at outside agencies
      • Case report
  • Literature review
      • Preparation and presentation of a review of the literature of a relevant general practice topic in both first and second year
  • Research and audit project
      • Satisfactory projects should be carried out and presented in third and fourth year
  •   Videotaping of consultations (3rd and 4th year)
      • Two surgery sessions to be recorded and analysed by trainer and by trainee group during third year
  • Women’s health in general practice log book to be completed
  • Attendance of more than 75% at both teaching and clinical sessions
  • Hospital report
      • Certificate of satisfactory performance from hospital consultant
      • Completion of relevant hospitals skills lists
  • Structured trainer's report: a comprehensive report for the trainer on satisfactory attainment of all essential skills and knowledge